There are several options for pet owners to arrange for their pet's body after either natural death or euthanasia, including
burial at a pet's cemetery, keeping pet's ashes from individual cremation, or letting the hospital make appropriate
arrangements. The following is a list of companies that provide memorial products. We do not endorse any of these
products and are included for informational purposes only.

Pet caskets, urns and headstones
If you choose to bury your pet, or save the ashes of your pet from an individual cremation, it may be a good idea to obtain
a casket or an urn prior to your pet's death to avoid having to make a decision on which type you would like during the
time of most intense grief. Below is a list of companies that specialize in pet caskets and urns:

Family Pet Urns and Caskets (
Pet Cremation Resource (
Pet Memories (
Eternal Paw Prints (
Pets We  Loved (
Perfect Memorials (
Memorial Urns and Tributes (
A Team Master's Casket Store (
Forever Pets (
Adirondack Stone Works (
Pets In Stone (
Memorial Services for Pets
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Memorial Services
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