Myxosarcoma in Cats and Dogs
Myxosarcomas are types of soft tissue sarcoma tumors which are of fibroblast origin with abundant myxoid matrix (resembling
mucus) containing mucopolysaccharides (types of sugar molecules). They are rare tumors that occur in middle aged to older
animals. The majority tumors are observed in the chest or limbs but myxosarcomas have also been reported to occur in the
heart, eye, and brain.

For more details about diagnosis and treatment options of soft tissue sarcomas in general, please visit the
soft tissue
sarcoma section.

Are there any clinical trials investigating new treatments for myxosarcoma in cats or dogs?
There are several clinical trials ongoing for dogs with soft tissue sarcomas in pets, which are partially funded by the
institutions. To learn more about these trials, please visit the
Clinical Trials for Soft Tissue Sarcoma in Dogs section.

Additionally, there are several clinical trials available for cats and dogs with any tumor type for which your pet may qualify. To
learn more these trials (which are partially or fully funded by the institutions), please visit the
Dog Clinical Trials (any tumor
type) or Cat Clinical Trials (any tumor type) section.  

To learn more about veterinary clinical trials in general, please visit the
Pet Clinical Trials section.

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